@LaurenJauregui: Hi is this the internet?

"You turn on the radio and fall in love with the shape of someone's voice box..and then you hear the size of their heart, the width of their pain, and the length of their dreams."

{Are you ok?}


Fifth Harmony attempting to record something for Q107.9


Camren Today

i don't get why lauren is your fav the only relevant one in 5h is camilla

"Lauren’s so intimidating omg" (pt 2)

Nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me
Where would I be, if you didn’t believe ?

@TheXFactor: Reckon these guys could be Judges one day? They kind of look the part. Catch @TheVampsband on #XtraFactor tonight! 📺 http://t.co/qUi5Z42VYC